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tv   Interview with Representative-elect Brian Mast R-FL  CSPAN  December 27, 2016 10:46pm-10:58pm EST

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reportersnd news discuss the record of the men donald trump has passed to lead energy, and interior department as well as the transition taking place in those industries departments. also, drilling restrictions under president-elect trump and then nicholas lawrence, economic study fellow from the heritage foundation and another lead a conservation voters government affairs look ahead at engine -- energy policy during the first 100 days of the trump administration and beyond. the sure to watch c-span's "washington journal" wednesday morning starting at 7:00 a.m. eastern. join me discussion. theuncer: orientation at
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u.s. capitol. here is a look. floridalican representing the 18th district, what were you doing before? >> before running this race i was working with federal agencies. before that, eight military career. host: what was your work encounter terrorism. explosived as an specialist working on issues of nonproliferation in nuclear terrorism and i worked teaching some classes on homemade explosions and basically continued to provide my expertise as a bomb technician which is how i spent my career in the military. >> how did you start your career? i was a combat engineer. you do de-mining and other work.
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i have a propensity and i begin as a bomb technician. eod is they call us. technician at the highest level. it is different than movies people see where you are using a bomb suit or robot or something like that. we're going out after targets which means you are disarming bombs, tripwires, things like that. >> tell us what happened in 2010. rep elect mastiff: -- rep .-elect. mast: i calculated there had to be an explosive device and told my men to wait while i checked it out. i did not find it until i
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ultimately triggered the device. >> what happened then? knocked me out. there was a pressure plate under my feet. i tumbled in the air and landed maybe five or 10 eight from where i had been standing previously. when it detonated there was a big cloud of dust and i could not see anything because of the hayes browning everything out. the wind was not out of me. reason i couldd not stand up. earsll had my device in my so i can hear the people around me saying, you eod is hit. eod is down. i was the only eod so i knew it was me they were talking about. probably the most painful thing i can remember.
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tourniquets on each of my legs what was left of them, and what was left of my arm. i was on the nfl, they rendered aid and load me onto the stretcher. then on to a helicopter and that is the last thing i remember. for about a week until i woke up in walter reed medical center here in washington, and easy >> when you are recovering, when you think back to that now, are you surprised that here you are about to be a new member of the house of representatives? >> i am honored i get to be a new member but it was that moment in time that brought me to this moment in time. when i will cop in a hospital bed and walter reed, it was not my life dream to become a member of congress. i was happy jumping out of planes, kicking in doors and
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jumping out of helicopters but it was no longer in the cards at that point. it was difficult. your purposesing in life it ranks among the most difficult you can lose. i was talking to my wife trying to determine how i do not lose my focus, how i find another battlefield to focus on and i was having a lot of the house, senate, staffers visit through so ir reed and that is came to the realization that maybe my next battlefield would be here is a member of hamas. ask how did you get from their to hear? >> i think when any military person starts to think about what they want to accomplish that begin to be like next mission and part of how i wanted show it was how i would best become a good representative. at that point, i had spent a career in military that was a good background. but i could do more. i had to get back to work.
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i had to recover, learn to walk again. i spent about 1.5 years learning to walk and during that time i was working with federal agencies, continuing to hone my expertise and counterterrorism. the day i retired from the military was the day i officially started with a federal agency working in counterterrorism. i started studying economics and economics at harvard. i continued my degree and try to do the best i could to become april are up my community by volunteering with a countless number of organizations what might be in my community.
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i took time and served with the israeli military. i am the only member of congress to have served with the israeli military and i were that bench very probably. then it became the time to ultimately throw my hat in the ring and see if my community would let me represent them. >> what did you do with the israeli military? rep.-elect. mast: i worked in a logistical role at the medical base working with their medical logistical infrastructure that was there in a role that allows individuals from around the world go and follow to the israeli military which is a program they rely on quite heavily to accomplish a lot of what needs to go on with their military because they do not have nearly as large of a military is the united states of america does. ask what would you like to accomplish out here? rep.-elect. mast: there is a lot i would like to accomplish and a lot with the legislative agenda coming from the top down. the things that matter to me personally is number one, issues from my district. we have some major water-related going on in my district, the treasure coast of florida.
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dirty water in an area where people love to vacation. people live there because of the water and weather. that is a major issue. and issues with the department of veterans affairs. i would like to see legislation that helps our veterans at every level of disability to have a greater access to the choice program. that should be expanded. that is a good way to stem the tide of the long waits for veterans and a good way to make the department of veterans affairs have to to compete for the care they provide veterans which i think will ultimately make them more accountable as an institution to those there met to serve. >> how do you plan to balance your life out here with your home and three children and life back in florida? rep.-elect. mast: i have three little ones, six years old, a boy, and almost-four-year-old boy and a little girl. that is a hardest part, hoping they understand why am away. hoping i am doing something big and important and the time away. the time away, worth it.
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so, my wife and i decided around the process of this that we would start homeschooling the kid sometimes after so she and the kids can go back and forth with me if they desire. if they want to be in washington they can. if the weather is bad and they want to be a beautiful, sunny flutter, they can go there. we can go back and forth as we need but still maintain the semblance of family. >> thank you for your time. rep.-elect. mast: thank you. : join us on tuesday. watch the official swearing-in of the newly elected members of the house and senate and the election of the speaker of the house. all-day coverage begins at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span and or you can listen on the free c-span radio app. c-span, whatxt on the election of donald trump means to the future of the republican party than a look at the potential changes to u.s. trade policy under the trump
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administration. later, president obama and japanese are shinzo abe speak at pearl harbor. >> wednesday, secretary of state john kerry outlines his ideas on how middle east peace can be achieved. live coverage at 11:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. >> wednesday, american history to being in primetime teacher programs about world war ii. at 8:00 p.m., a look at spies and codebreakers. fbi and eight nazi aspiring. then american resistance in nazi-occupied harris. in a look at the world war ii office of strategic services. programs about world war ii at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. "in-depth" will
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feature a program about president obama in take your calls and emails during the program. presidency in"the the authorhite," and of "democracy and black," and bullets are -- prize-winning author, author of "barack obama: the story." 3:00 p.m. onay at c-span two. announcer: now, what donald trump means for the future of the republican party. forberkeley center right-wing studies hosts this 90-minute program.


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